6.00 | a piece of dough stuffed with potato, onion and some other filling
Turnpike your knish! Garlic, parsley, & melted butter +.50

Knish + Salad Combo 10.00

Daily chalkboard Flavor



1.25 | New York water bagels

Marble Rye
Marble Rye Everything

egg everything

cream cheese flavors: scallion | jalapeño | dill | veggie | pimento cheese |  maple-pecan
meaty choices: steak | pastrami | soprassata | turkey | ham | bacon | sausage
cheesy choices: cheddar | swiss | american | provolone | manchego | fresh mozzarella | goat

double meat +3.50
double egg +2.00
double cheese +1.50 (except mozzarella +2)


bagels on the go

Baker’s Dozen Bagels 15.00
Plain Cream Cheese ½ lb 4.75
Flavored Cream Cheese ½ lb 6.00
1/2 lb SMoked Trout Spread 6.75
1/2 lb lox or gravlax 12.95
1 lb lox or gravlax 21.95

breakfast bagel sandwiches

bagel w/butter 3.00
bagel w/cream cheese 4.00
bagel w/flavored cream cheese 4.75
egg 4.00
egg & cheese 5.50
egg, cheese & meat 7.25 (Skip the cheese $6.25)
egg, cheese & lox 13.50                                                



signature breakfast bagels


b’s knees
turnpiked turkey, egg, ‘murica cheese, bacon, deli mustard and tossed greens 9.75

breakfast bandit
fried egg, pulled pork, hot peppers, avocado, manchego cheese 10.75

smoke on the water
smoked trout spread, red onions, capers, egg 10.25

the body count
ham, sausage, bacon, egg, american cheese, apricot jelly 12.75

in your FACE!
a sunny-side up egg, mixtress-made pesto, fresh mozzarella, sopressata 10.00

the millennial falcon
pork belly braised in stout beer, avocado, tomato fried egg 10.50


all day bagel sandwiches

Your choice of bagel

Lock up your sandwich and make it a SLAMMER!
Get your sandwich on a knish.

Gluten Free? Anti-Carb? 
Stuff any of your sandwiches into an entire avocado instead of a bagel


sliced avocado 2.50
fresh cucumber .50
pickled peppers .50
pickled onion .50
lettuce .50
tomato 1.00
apricot jam 1.00
pesto 1.00
maple syrup 1.00
cheese 1.00
bacon 2.00
double egg  2.00 or cheese 1.50
double meat 3.50

the original cream cheese, capers, red onions, fresh lox 11.25
the original sinner add bacon 12.75
the alternative the original with house-made gin & tonic gravlax instead of lox 11.25

the bayside rabbi
house-made gin & tonic gravlax, dill cream cheese, served on an old bay bagel 11.25

the mountain shiksa
fresh lox, maple-pecan cream cheese, & bacon served on an egg bagel 12.75

lox and smear platter
fresh lox, lettuce, tomato, red onion, capers. lemon, plain cream cheese, your choice of bagel on the side 14.50
double your lox +9

bubbe approved
smoked trout spread, dill cream cheese, cucumber pickled red onion 10.25

reuben's gone fishing
pastrami-spiced lox served cold, russian dressing, lettuce, tomato & swiss 11.50

the bombay club
curried chicken salad (madras curry, coriander, cayenne, celery) lettuce, tomato & red onion 9.50
add bacon 2.50

the bombay club platter
your basic green salad with a scoop of curry chicken salad 12.50
add bacon 2.50

get buffaloed
spicy chicken salad w/ Frank's Red Hot, blue cheese, celery, lettuce & tomato 9.50

hey y'all...its a BLT
pimento cream cheese (roasted peppers, cheddar cheese, spices) bacon, lettuce & tomato 10.25  

the cheesus
inside-out super grilled cheese with cheddar, swiss, & provolone cheeses w/ tomato & avocado 8.50
add bacon +2.50

turkey, bacon, mixtress-made pesto, mozzarella & tomato 9.50

the well dressed reuben
your choice of meat, topped with turnpike, sauerkraut, Swiss & Russian dressing served on a marble rye bagel
pastrami 1/4# 10.00 1/2# 18.00
corned beef 1/4# 10.50 1/2# 19.00
half and half 1/4# 10.25 1/2# 18.50
turkey 1/4# 9.50 12# 17.50

the south philly
griddle double steak, loaded American cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce & mayo
1/4# steak 12.00
1/2# steak 19.00
1/4# turkey 12.00
add bacon 2.50

the bandito
carnitas-style pulled pork, pickled peppers, avocado, manchego cheese 9.00

et tu brute?
romaine lettuce tossed in homemade caesar dressing, red onion, parmesan, boquerones 7.00
make it a steak caesar salad 10.50
bacon +2.50

the green piece
veggie cream cheese, LTO, cucumber, avocado 8.00 add bacon 2.50

rude socialist
strips of bacon, maple-pecan cream cheese 6.75

rude girl
strips of bacon, jalapeño cream cheese 6.50

rude boy
strips of bacon, scallion cream cheese 6.50


when i dip you dip we dip
creamy pimento cheese served with bagel chips 9.00

just your basic green salad
lettuce, tomoatoes, cucumbers, red onion & dijon vinaigrette 8.00

just your basic caesar salad
romaine, parmesan, imported Spanish Boquerones, bagel chips

hannuka is coming (eventually) 
potato latkes, creme fraice, trout roe 11.50

matzoh baller 
lemon-scented chicken stock with duck fat matzoh balls
cup 5.50
bowl 10.00
quart to-go 15.00